The Best Android Games to Play in 2024

Whether you have the latest smartphone or a tablet of some description, the chances are that you are holding some pretty incredible technology in the palm of your hand.

Android devices may or may not be better than those that have an ‘I’ prefix, but what they do offer is a plethora of different distractions, entertainment, and productivity apps – and games are just part of that.

Android games tend to differ from those available on the Apple store, mainly in terms of cost (Android games are likely to be cheaper thanks to the costs involved in developing apps for iOS). However, what you can expect from your Android games is an escape from reality, some distraction, and a healthy dose of dopamine that will get you through your day.

The choice of games is literally astounding, You can play anything from the latest online slot games for real cash through to detective stories, puzzles, word games and even sudoku. You can drive cars, trucks, and trains, and even fly a plane from your device. You can cross play with some of the biggest console game titles so games evenings become even more exciting.

If you are looking for some new games to download to your Android device, then here are some of the best games for 2024.

Raid: Shadow Legends

Unless you avoided all social media and YouTube around 2020, you will have heard of this game. All the influencers were advertising it, and if you like a turn-based RPG where you can buy and build an army of initially powerful characters.

A great example of a gacha game where you can collect upgrades and battle bosses to win.

Age of Frostfall

Strategy games are usually a little different on smartphones – especially RTS. Tower defence games are usually a popular choice, and this is one where you need to survive a harsh landscape full of frost so hat you can battle with the unmelted.

Build a city and recruit an army – and even raise a dragon – so that you can slay your foes and protect your legacy.

Genshin Impact

This is a legendary game on Android that earned more than $100m in the first two weeks of release – despite being a free-to-play open world RPG.

There is a story to this game – you are on an adventure to find your sibling – but on the way you will take part in all sorts of combat using the popular hack and slash mechanics. Players come back for the beautiful visuals and the amazing soundtrack; this is one of the most ambitious mobile games ever made and continues to wow.

Supremacy 1914

If you want to take control of a nation that was involved in WWI, then you will enjoy this title. It is a war game where you need to make decisions for the company you are in charge of – not just about battles but also about whether you want to invest in your economy or focus on the military. Every decision will impact your performance and the outcome of the war, so you need a good sense of strategy to make the most of it.

Final Fantasy IX

The Final Fantasy franchise will always be a popular choice for gamers, and this is a game of turn-based combat built for smartphones and tablets. The enthralling story is there, of course, but you can play through using the high speed, no encounter modes so you don’t have to waste time on combat if you are looking for a particular section.

There are also some mini games that you can get involved in to earn extras for your missions – or just enjoy the world you have been thrust into.

PUBG Mobile

The battle royale genre is ever popular, and PUBG mobile is one of the originals. In fact, the mobile game seems to play better (with less glitches) than the PC or console versions – and you can take advantage of the fresh new content that is added regularly for different strategies.

Find weapons and supplies so that you can kill everyone and be the last one standing.

Pokémon Go

The AR-based phenomenon might not be as explosively popular as it was when it first came out, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a well-supported game.

Taking players outside for the opportunity to explore so that they can catch little monsters and win battles, Pokémon Go spawned several copycat titles and has set imaginations aflame as to what else could be possible with virtual or augmented reality.

Bad North

Another tower defence game, this one is themed around Viking invaders – and the simple aesthetic belies the deep strategy that you will need to get through the quick rounds. The mechanics of the game are straightforward enough, but it is the tons of variation that keep players coming back.

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