How to change proxy on Samsung Galaxy S7

Have you ever encountered websites those are restricted to certain regions or would like to surf internet keeping your identity hidden and secure? Well you can make it no time these days. In this tutorial, we gonna help you to change proxy on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in a matter of seconds using a very easy-to-use application.

With amazing capabilities, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and it’s sibling, S7 Edge, both were most talked and popular smartphone this year. It would not be wrong if we say that these handsets are as powerful as laptops. Even though, the performance is un-matchable, still it could be personalized and improved to bit more extent with few settings and recommendations.

There are several ways through which we can improve performance of these handset and some best of them we’ve gatheredhere.

If you have been struggling to change proxy on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, do not worry as we gonna help you with once and for all solution to it. There are many benefits of proxy,

To change proxy on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge instantly, we gonna us an Application, named as ‘Cloud VPN‘. Thanks to ‘Bypass Net’, a crew of creative peoples, who brought this tiny application able to switch proxy instantly on any Android device.

Cloud VPN is one of the best and open source Android application for creating secure and high-capacity VPN to have complete access over Internet in an unrestricted environment. Most important, it provides you access to any restricted content or region specific content.

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It helps you in bypassing various firewalls and make every content available to you without much efforts. It overlays your own IP address with some computer generated US or UK-based IP addresses.

How to change proxy on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Step 1.

Install Cloud VPN from Google Play Store.

Install Cloud VPN

Step 2.

Once installed, open this application on your Android device.


Once opened, it will request you to ‘Tap To Connect‘.

It is very simple to install and open this app on your device, there is no requirement for any configuration or setup issues.

Step 3.

Before connecting, it will simply ask permission to set up a VPN connection on your device.


If you wish to proceed further, then you can choose OK.

Step 4.

Once you click on OK, a window will appear that will show different options, based on your device’s installed apps.


Like Facebook, messenger, YouTube, your browser etc. and you can choose either any of your app or select your internet browser and start exploring your unrestricted virtual world.

Besides that, we could get other applications similar to Cloud VPN like Hotspot shield, SuperVPN, etc., and therefore it becomes quite easy to change or switch proxy on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge or any Android device in no time.

It ends our this tutorial. Thus in a such way, that change proxy could be done over any Android device. Please feel free to share your favorite app with us. Stay connected with for more useful stuff!

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