20 Best Games for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Nowadays, Samsung’s Galaxy Grand Prime is becoming very popular, more than 74K traffic is hitting on GSMarena in a single day for this handset. So what makes it so popular? Well I guess, most probably the price point at which is being sold, just for Rs. 11,000 ( on → and  secondly loads of features makes it a value for money deal.

Well the specification is somewhat similar to Moto G such as processing power, GPU and RAM. Apart all, Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime could also give you good fun with games as well.

You can play a lot of games on it. Well finding good games shouldn’t be that hard but because of the existence of millions of apps and games on App store, it gradually becomes severe process. Also see our list of Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. To make better use of free time, you can have these games on your phone, and keep yourself engaged with them.

To make it easier to you guys, we’ve gathered some of the best games for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime and put them into this list. So go ahead and enjoy the list and you’re social shares would be appreciated very well.

Best Games for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Candy Crush Saga1. Candy Crush Saga

It has been more than 2 months since I’m playing this game while traveling from office to home and home to office. Its a good time, just launch and you’d get addicted to it. Level to level, it becomes tough, sometimes it takes 1-2 days or even more to clear more, I’m just telling about me, you may clear them with just one try.

Iron Man 3 2. Iron Man 3 – The Official Game

Just like the all movies, this game is awesome. Do you link endless racing kind of game and already bored with most popular titles such Subway Surfer, then you must try this game.

Endless racing with lot of fun, many hard to avoid obstacle, boss fights and much more.

Asphalt 83. Asphalt 8: Airborne

It’s my all time favorite racing games. I’m just made for it. The visuals are best kind among all car racing games, vivid colors, animations, actions, tracks, cars etc., all are very well designed and displayed.


Wild Blood4. Wild Blood

Launched and updated very long ago, still this game has its spot reserved on this and many other games list and it will be listed on upcoming as well.

This game has a lot to offer, awesome battles with complete 3D graphics, an epic  story line to get you involved internally and also you can play it with your friends as multi-player.

GTA Vice City5. GTA Vice City

It been a while since I played this game, however I wish to have it with me all the time. Its a one best time pass game, one can play is for a long hours, the entire story line, characters, graphics, weapons etc., are exactly same which were on its PC version.

Enjoy this beautiful game on your handset, however you might face some lags as it needed high configuration to run smoothly.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition6. Minecraft – Pocket Edition

Millions of people are mad about this game. It just about placing boxes to create new things and have fun with that.

It’s quite interesting and good to show humour to create something that no one can.



Its one of its own kind. BADLAND is one most beautiful game available on Android Google Playstore, get amazing side-scrolling action adventure experience with this game.

Graphics are designed with complete details, forests, atmosphere, elements, characters ect., are very pleasing all the item.

Thor: TDW – The Official Game8. Thor: TDW – The Official Game

Based on first released movie, this game deserve to be on every list of games for Android phones. The characters, enemies, bosses, and everything is detailed up to class. A must have game for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime.

Through the game one thing is common that is a lot of fun.

Tai chi Panda9. Tai chi Panda

Amazing game with awesome gameplay, one of best RPG game with complete 3D gameplay, epic story line to get made about it.

Choose from 5 distinct classes, from the sword-wielding knight to the agile gunslinger, and master unique skills to fight your way through monster, behemoths, and even other players!

N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition10. N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition

N.O.V.A. 3 has been very popular since launched and it was paid game.

Now they launched this Freedom Edition, completely free to download and play, impressive first person shooting game with tons of

Dragon Ball Z games on PSP

11. Dragon Ball Z – Tenkaichi Tag Team, Shin Budokai and Shin Budokai 2

Yes, you can you can play these games on your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime too. Actually these are PSP games with awesome graphics and gameplay, thanks to PPSSPP Team who brought PSP emulator through which one can play most of the PSP games on Android devices.

Important links:

Riptide GP212. Riptide GP2

One of most graphically dense game, play it to checkout our device’s capabilities to present visuals to you.

This game about racing on the water though high-speed jets, they are upgradable, dozens of tracks to show your excellence in racing, win raced to unlock new jets, tracks and add-ons.

Real Boxing13. Real Boxing

Looking for boxing / fighting game, don’t look any further. Real Boxing has a lot to offer and fulfil your expectations for fighting game. It’s a 16+ game, so you must be sensitive about that.

Overall this game have good graphics, it would be running very well on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, from single to combo punches it has everything, take down your enemy with unique boxing skill and also you can play it with your friends as it multiplayer.

Dead Trigger 214. Dead Trigger 2

Even it very heavy and graphically dense game, it runs pretty well on Galaxy Grand Prime.

Dead Trigger 2 is amazing zombies killing game, with more than 10 extra ordinary regions around the world, 37 kinds of weapons and 33 unique environments, the overall experience becomes very enjoy and adventures, level to level, it gets hard and of course too additive.

Reckless Racing 315. Reckless Racing 3

It’s not like Asphat or NFS, it of another kind racing game. The game has awesome graphics, best power slides throughout the game, 36 tracks in entirely different 6 environments that won’t let you bore, customizable controls to set it optimal settings, etc.,

And  with gamepad support you can use external gamepad, 28 cars and trucks and much more fun.

Also see:


The World Ends With You16. The World Ends With You

Basically its an Role playing game, in a very shot span of time it becomes very popular among paid RPG games.

It’s not a 3D, instead it has 2d graphics full of vivid colours, very additive gameplay and a very good story line makes it a good title in RPG games.

Subway Surfer17. Subway Surfer

Well it has been very long time since it was launched, from that time to till now, one thing is still common, that is it’s breathtaking gameplay.

Often I play this game again and again just surpass my own record (its around 6ooK ). It worth to be installed in your Grand Prime as it good way to pass time.

Earn to Die 218. Earn to Die 2

Get ready to take care of hordes of zombies through riding your car in run-down situation. That means single damage in your car could end your journey. Its amazing car run down game, you’ll be facing hordes of zombies in your path as obstacle between you and escape point to other side of the road.

Get into the car and get ready for zombie hunt it completely new style.

Hitman Sniper19. Hitman Sniper

Do you want to be a good sniper? Perhaps, in really it would be little harder, whereas you checkout this cool game, try out your best moves to eliminate criminals with your special weapons.

Choose from 13 epic sniper rifles, over 150 missions, that means you can play it for long hours and much more fun.

Relic Run20. Relic Run

It’s another endless running game, like Temple Run and Subway surfer. Most likely, it seems to be inspired by Temple Run 2 and somewhat is has surpassed it. I would say that I liked very much even more than Temple Run 2 ans Subway Surfer.

I must recommend you to try this game, it has a lot of unique moves, tracks and much more to offer.

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