How to fix common issues on Galaxy S9 with Safe Mode

Nowadays, people are more tending to troubleshoot devices, there-self before heading to the service center. It becomes possible because of an Internet. Whether you carry an iPhone, or a flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S9, you might want some troubleshooting tutorials to keep using the phone normally. It is obvious to face issues like freezing, app crashes, lags, malfunctions, etc.,. Before you jump to an expressive steps that most likely to wipe out phone, we recommend to use Android safe mode, and see if issues can be straightened out. Don’t you think that would be more stress-less, and easiest?

Addressing issues won’t be that much tough if you know about different modes on your phone. One of them is an Android Safe mode — you must have heard/used the same mode on Windows operating system. It comes with hidden in the Samsung Galaxy S9, and with just a few taps, you can get into this mode. If you’re up to troubleshoot your smart phone, then before getting engaged with intense solution, try disabling recent services, and application. The Android Safe Mode will help you to clean your phone from toxic apps/services.

The basic idea — Android safe mode disables all the third-party applications. Means, if any app/service has impaired, or caused malfunctions your phone, you can certainly find it. Once you get into the safe mode on the Samsung Galaxy S9, it will load only system apps, and services. It brings a very basic interface, and has limited functionalities. That’s enough to figure out the problem, and unload those toxic applications. Certainly, our priority is to reduce the risk of losing saved files, and troubleshoot the Galaxy S9 properly. If you find that situations were good before had your hands on some applications, processes, or something you did go wrong, you can try the safe to see if those changes/apps are causing that issue.

That will clarify your doubts, certainly, you’ll be more confident about your actions then. It would be easier to repair your smartphone. Most importantly, it is an official way — the KNOX won’t be tripped. Thus, these perspectives make this mode more useful, and unquestionably safe as compared to other methods. Although, the process is undoubtedly safe, but still recommend you to proceed through a general back up your phone. For Samsung Galaxy S9, we’ve a dedicated tutorial – backup Samsung Galaxy S9. This guide will take you through all the necessary steps to back up your phone.

The method that we have described here has limitations. It works well if you want to remove/review third-party application, or perform a soft reset. However, there are chances that you would be facing some big issues, then you must have your hands on our exclusive Samsung Galaxy S9 troubleshooting guide. This guide will help you to aid your phone with different methods. Depending upon the problem, you might need to reset your phone completely, or flash the stock firmware on it. Remember, that Android Safe mode has limited functionalities, so you must quickly figure out the issue, and then proceed to correct solution as we have described.

So, first we should focus on learning the method to enter into this mode. To enter Safe mode on your Samsung Galaxy S9, follow the below steps. We recommend you to charge your phone to a good extent. That would be good.

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How to Enter Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy S9

Since it different than the normal Android mode, this includes a reboot, and then it enters into this mode. Importantly, follow the below steps exactly as mentioned to reboot into safe mode on Galaxy S9:

  1. Turn ON your phone if it is switched off.
  2. Now, press and hold the ‘Power’ button for a few seconds.
  3. hold this position till different boot options appear on the screen, and then release the buttons.
  4. From the displayed options, press and hold ‘Power Off’ button for a few moments.
  5. After a few seconds, it should display a new boot option: ‘restart in safe mode’.
  6. Now, tap on ‘restart in safe mode’ to initiate the process. For reference, have a look on below image:Safe Mode on Galaxy S9
  7. This process should boot your phone into the safe mode — the safe mode mark will be displayed on the screen as well. That means, you’ve successfully entered to safe mode on your phone.
  8. To exit the safe mode — it is the same as we do normally. Just tap on Power button, and choose restart. It will boot your phone into the normal mode.

That’s how you can enter into the safe mode anytime you want on the Samsung Galaxy S9, and other devices. Since, you’ve entered in the safe mode, you’ll see that the display screen has a badge of safe mode. That informs you that you’re in safe mode.

safe mode galaxy s9 message

Also, you’ll see a message “Downloaded apps disabled while Safe mode is turned on”. So, now if your phone doesn’t malfunction, that means, recent app/apps are causing that issue.

Now, it’s the time to take action.

Uninstall problematic apps

Since you’ve already in touch with Safe mode, now you should be aware of apps that have caused problems on your phone. You can simply disable them.

To disable apps on the Samsung Galaxy S9 using safe mode, it is just we do on on Normal Mode. You just need to open Settings->Apps. There you can remove applications post installations, of which, the problems were appeared.

Moreover, you can perform a factory reset, and clear cache. That should help you to get rid of most of the problems. As per our recent post about Galaxy S9, we figure that there are about 120 applications that remain unused most of the time on this handset. And if we get rid of these applications, it would bring your about 1.4 GB Free RAM.

That will certainly boost the performance of your phone. So, here are some recommended tutorials that you must see:

So, that’s how you make use of safe mode on Galaxy S9, and troubleshoot your phone from problematic applications. However, this troubleshooting works only when the problem is related to third-party applications. If you figured that an app is involved, and causing the malfunction, just simply remove it. That’s all you gotta do.

However, if that’s not the case, then you should proceed to more complex solutions. We have already shared a link to our exclusive troubleshooting guide for Galaxy S9. Probably, that should help you. And if that doesn’t work, then it is recommended that you re-install the firmware – how to unbrick/repair Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone with stock firmware.

That was all about the safe mode, and how to use it on Galaxy S9. If you have any concerns, share with us through comments. We’ll be happy to help you further.

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