Though Samsung Galaxy Note 8 looks similar as Galaxy S8, but there is a catch. With bigger display screen, it comes with 6 GB RAM, dual camera, and better battery life. Also, it comes with S Pen support that makes it more productive. Well, there are several more things that make Samsung Galaxy Note 8 different from the rest. In this post, we gather some of the best apps for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to make best use of it, increase productivity, and of course, fun.

Without applications, even the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be useless. The extra big display, and top-notch hardware add an improved user experience while using applications, and playing games on it. To get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, we have gathered these applications, and we hope that our readers would love’em all. The list has not been created in any particular order. Although, Samsung ships their smartphones, full of applications, some of them are useful, and rest remains unused all of the time (Learn how to get rid of unused apps on Samsung Phones).

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Apart from these apps, we have collaborated these applications with the intention to bring out the maximum productivity, and make best use of this smart phone. Also, this smart phone supports Samsung Desktop Experience, a very nice feature that extends the usability of an Android phone. Currently, the device works with Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, and Note 8. Hopefully, that support should extend to other devices in coming time. Back to the track, let’s start our list of applications for this phablet.

Best applications for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

1. Microsoft Office Apps

Microsoft Office MobileWith that big display, it becomes even more efficient use of Microsoft applications like Word, Excel, and Power point. That means, with these applications, you can do complete your office work, create presentations, etc., on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on the go. Though, Microsoft keeps their usability limited to some extent over the mobile / tablet device, to go completely profession, you need to switch to Office 365 subscription.

For basic edits, these apps work seamlessly good. These apps surely keep productivity on the top, and let you use your device more effectively. No matter whether you need such apps, or not, at any point of time, they become important. There is no harm in keeping’em onto our device.

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2. LastPass

LastPass Password ManagerGone are the days when we used to login Gmail, or few other checklists everyday. Now, it can be more than 10, or even more accounts on different sites, service. That we actually check, or log in each, and every day, or very frequently. The LastPass application brings an intuitive way to keen note of your all passwords, and keep them safe.

While logging into your accounts, like Google, Facebook, etc., The LastPass puts the login credentials, make the login process easier. It has the ability to auto-fill the login details to websites, and apps, even you don’t have to keep track of passwords. It puts everything onto one table for you.

Therefor, it becomes easier to manage multiple social accounts, or some similar sites/apps. Additionally, it offers you a secure space to your debit/credit/bank details, or similar notes. You can access the information anytime. In current busy days, this app should bring better relief to you, and we highly recommend this app t Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and other Android users.

3. Sling

Sling-applicationIt’s always hectic to assign responsibilities and schedule to our employees, as it requires lots of organization. But Sling is an application that helps you with this task and makes it a lot easier for you to organize, distribute responsibilities and communicate with your employees.

This app allows you to create schedules, manage break time, handle unexpected leaves, manage slot availability and much more you can handle with this app. Using this application, each one of your employees will be well-informed, and you will be stress-free.

You can work with Sling, from anywhere and from any of your device, as it is available for Android, iOS, and web. This app is both effective for small scale individual business as well as for large-scale organizations.

4. Amazon Kindle

amazon kindleAmazon Kindle, an amazing ebook reading platform that gives an easy to get hands tons of book, and reading in a real way, like we do read physical books. Though, it won’t be feasible to carry this device all the time with us. Instead, install their application. The Amazon Kindle application offers you to read tons of ebooks for completely free.

The application has been designed very beautifully, and navigation options help you to find tons of useful, and interesting reads on the go. The application is completely free, and tons of books are available for free too. Or, if required, you can go for paid books. The app has many genres of books, and it is quite easy to download, and read’em offline.

There are tons of such readers out there, but Kindle app is unique, and different among all. Amazon offers a vast variety of books, that makes it more comfortable. If you’ve a hobby of reading, this app would be an ideal to use on Galaxy Note 8 because of its awesome display quality, and size.

5. Curiosity

Curiosity app samsung galaxy note 8Curiosity is something with which you can gain a lot of knowledge about topics that interests you. And this app helps you with those curious cravings. You can explore a new world with information and content related to the topics of your interests.

You can go through various short articles based on your favorite topics. This app also enables you to watch various videos with essential and quality content, and you can also react to the available content using this application. It also allows you to share your saved content with your friends and family.

6. Google Drive

google-driveAnother most productivity-centric application that drives up your work on the next level. With Google Drive one create, save, and edit document files, such as Word, Excel, etc., and save them online. It provides you a completely safe, and secure place to save important documents online. Makes possible to access them anytime, and from anywhere. Most of things are set appropriately in the cloud storage.

Create spreadsheets, takes notes, save your document, and do even much more with. The Google Drive enhances the productivity of the device very extensively. To learn more about Google drive, and how to make best use of it, we have a dedicated guide:

7. Endless Alphabet

Endless AlphabetEndless alphabet is an educational application for kids. This app helps kids to learn something new, in a very fun and interactive manner. Your children get to learn with the help of some adorable endless monsters. There are thousands of delightful puzzles and animations that keeps your child’s interest in mind, and made their first learning experience as fun as possible.

This app not only educate your child about 100s of new words, but also let gives them an idea about that word used in daily life. This helps in making children more interactive. Endless alphabet has been designed for your child between 2-6 years, and they can operate this application themselves without your continuous guidance. Sweet, Simple, Fun!

8. Evernote/OneNote

EvernoteWhen it comes to taking notes, these applications come first in the mind. Since, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with a bigger display, these apps become more useful. These note taking apps are not so ordinary as they sound. Evernote helps you to write, gather, and keeps Weblinks, and article in an organized way. It lets you save such things quickly, and get the work done in no time.

Thought Evernote might not let you use the full features until one purchases the paid version. If you don’t want to cash, for OneNote. Developed, and distributed by Microsoft, the application is completely free. It lets you type, scan, clip from the web, and do much more with it. Also, both applications have an option to share the stored work others.

Since, OneNote is developed by Microsoft, it supports their popular apps such as Excel, PowerPoint, etc., That makes it more useful, and productive in nature.

9. Tasker

TaskerTired of doing some common tasks on a daily basis? No need worry as you can automate them using the Tasker application. Tasker is a mobile automation android application which lets you automate your mobile instead of doing those tasks manually. It provides you enormous scope to train you phone to do itself without your own effort.

It is capable of waking you up with any random song from your collection, it can also pause your music player while you are using a certain application and can restart once you exit and lot more.

You can try it for free for a 7-Day trial period and if you like it, you can buy it at a mere price of $3.41 from Google Playstore. That would be good to use this app on Galaxy Note 8.

10. Solid Explorer

solid-explorerOne of most the popular file manager for Android phones. Not only it just a file manager, it is more than that. We highly recommend this file manager over the native one. The Solid Explorer simplifies the task to manage files, and keep them in a well-organized manner. It supports many online cloud storage services like Google Drive, and Dropbox. That means you get all of your files under a one hood. That makes explicitly simple to manage’em all.

The applications categorized things according their genre, like all photos, and videos are put into a very intuitive manner. Transfer file from one place to another, edit them, and delete, everything goes simple with this application. Also, it has inbuilt music, and video player to preview media within it.

Though, the free version might not let you use it thoroughly, but purchasing it is a worthy option to. If you’ve been after simple yet powerful file manager, then you should for this file manager.

Surely, this is not the end of the list. We’ll be adding more use applications in the list. That’s all about these useful applications for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and we hope that our readers would make use of these apps.

Share your favorite applications with, we’ll be glad to feature them under this list. Share, comment, and subscribe to our blog. GuptaFeaturedapps,apps for note 8,best apps galaxy note 8,galaxy note 8,note 8,samsungThough Samsung Galaxy Note 8 looks similar as Galaxy S8, but there is a catch. With bigger display screen, it comes with 6 GB RAM, dual camera, and better battery life. Also, it comes with S Pen support that makes it more productive. Well, there are several more things...